Friday, November 21, 2014

New Look for an Old Chest

As soon as I saw this old chest of drawers, I knew it was a good candidate for poster decoupage.  I've done decoupage before but I hadn't done a large poster before!

So, I watched lots of You Tube videos, and then I procrastinated because I was a little hesitant to start.  I wanted it to make a statement and I had found the perfect poster at Hobby Lobby but the nearest Hobby Lobby is about 90 min. away and I had only had one poster.  If I made a mistake and had to start over, there would be travel involved.

First up was to remove that oval "thingy" on the top drawer.  Turns out it was glued on and since the chest is old and the glue was dry, it didn't take long to pry it off.  Since it's darn cold now here in New England, I couldn't just put the chest outside and take the electric sander to it.  But... I was nervous about that shiny finish.  I wiped it down with a liquid deglosser and then primed it with Glidden Gripper.

The original hardware definitely didn't fit with my vision, so it had to go; which meant there were screw holes in the drawers to fill.

I sometimes make my own chalk paint and I also like to try the other options for chalk paint that are available.  Recently I was sent a free sample of Websters Chalk Powder so mixed it with Valspar's Cocktail Dress.  It covered well using two coats.

It was time to start with the poster - I couldn't put it off any longer.  It took quite a bit of measuring, remeasuring, and then I held my breath and made the first cut.  Here's the final result - 

The entire chest is glazed with Valspar Glazing Medium and the top and sides are protected with Sheer Vax.  The drawers are protected with two coats of GF Satin Urethane.
I'm so happy with the way this turned out and yes, it was worth the angst!

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