Thursday, September 11, 2014

Farm Dresser

I found this dresser sitting in the cellar at an estate sale.  Despite it's condition, I loved it immediately.  There's nothing fancy about it; it's very old, it's very heavy, the drawers are huge and the hardware is to die for.  Old bin pulls with some extra detail - and, did I mention that the back of the dresser was missing?
I do have the top drawer but I had already started working on it when I remembered to take the "before" photo.

This is one of those rehabs that I was tempted to keep.  Have you every completed a project that you actually hoped didn't sell?

I used Behr's Green Siding to make chalk paint, then glazed it with a custom color (looks like Hershey's chocolate syrup) of Sherwin Williams glaze.  I applied the glaze with a damp sponge and found that I had a lot more control over the glaze.  Up until now I've had a love/hate relationship with various glaze products I've tried but I think I've finally found an application method that works for me.  It's waxed with Fiddes clear wax.

The top is stained with Minwax Special Walnut and protected with three coats of Wipe On Poly.

Here's a closeup of the original hardware that was cleaned and painted with flat black.  Did I mention that I love it??

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