Monday, June 23, 2014

A Cottage Dresser

Many months ago (12+) I rescued a dresser from the barn at an estate sale.  It was solid and a nice size but that was about all it had going for it.  I was not inspired and so.... it sat.

Then, last week I was trying to decide which piece to work on and finally decided to tackle "the dresser."  As you can see, in it's previous life it was such a lovely shade of brown(?).  So, I took out my rotary sander to scuff it up and smooth out some of the chipped areas with the intention of repainting the entire dresser.  I was planning to paint the drawers in a contrasting color but hadn't yet decided what colors to use.

When I started sanding the top, that brown started flaking off like it just couldn't stand to be there anymore.  Under the brown paint was a coat of white, then a coat of pale pink and then... I began to see the grain of the wood.  It was beautiful and looked like it had never been stained.  The style of this dresser and the type of joint used on the drawers (Knapp) date it at 1870-1900 and apparently it had been painted from the beginning.

When I saw how pretty the unpainted top was, I knew the direction I wanted to go -

The top was stained with Minwax Puritan Pine and the frame was painted with chalk paint using Behr's King Arthur & Savvy Sisters Chalk Paint Dust.  The drawers were painted with chalk paint using a Behr mistint and Savvy Sisters Chalk Paint Dust.  It was lightly distressed and then waxed with Fiddes natural wax.  I used Miss Mustard Seed's hemp oil on the stained top.  One of the original handles was broken so I plugged holes on the top drawer & used glass knobs from Home Depot that are a very close match to the glass handles.

I was tempted to keep this one but it's in my booth in Sturbridge now so we'll see if anyone else likes it as much as I do!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Yellow Be Gone!

I found this great table a while back at an estate sale.  It was a solid piece but had been painted yellow.  I like yellow; in fact, I recently painted my front door yellow but this is a pretty piece and I thought it could speak for itself without the color screaming!

The finish was worn in places, peeling in others, the veneer was lifting and it was grungy - the yellow was much brighter than it shows in the photo.

It was sanded, cleaned and the peeling veneer was removed from the top.  Then it was painted with chalk paint made from a Behr mistint sample in medium gray/blue and My Savvy Sister Chalk Paint Dust.

I've made chalk paint using unsanded grout; it's less expensive but I wasn't happy with the results when using a dark paint.  If I sanded the painted finish, white specks of the unsanded grout showed up in the finish, which I definitely wasn't happy with.  I've not had this problem using the product from My Savvy Sister Chalk Paint Dust and I've been very happy with the product.  Unfortunately I do have to order it online as I haven't found a local dealer.

Here's the rehabbed table - could also be used as a desk or entryway table.

Hardware was replaced with single knobs found at Hobby Lobby.