Friday, April 18, 2014

Vanity Reveal

I took a mini break from rehabbing furniture to finish up the redecorating project in my half bath.  I posted a photo of the vanity candidate last week - 
I've been working on this half bath off & on for the past couple of months and I'm relieved to say - it's done!

Both the table/vanity and the mirror were found at estate sales.  When I purchased the mirror, I had no intention of keeping it but when I tried the other mirrors I had hanging around, I wasn't happy with any of them.  Fortunately I hadn't done anything with this one yet - it was already the perfect color gray with some aging and chippiness.   The only thing I added was some graphite-tinted wax to bring out the detail on the top.

Now, back to rehabbing furniture!

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