Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blast from the Past

I can't say that I remember my parents owning a telephone table but back in the day when phones were attached by a cord to the wall, families had a small table to hold their phone.  Most of them had a chair near the table and some even had a table with a chair attached, along with a drawer or shelf to store the phone book.

This telephone table came with a bonus - a pencil sharpener! I guess someone wanted to be able to sharpen their pencil while talking on the phone.

It had been banished to the cellar - where I found it at an estate sale.  It was wobbly and in very sad shape.  Fortunately, the missing chair rungs were in the drawer.

It was reglued & clamped, it was cleaned & lightly sanded, it was painted black (BM's Aura in Twilight Zone) and distressed, then it was reupholstered.  Here's the update:

It's ready for the 21st century - a comfy little seat while chatting on your cordless or cell phone and definitely a conversation piece!

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