Monday, February 24, 2014

A Waterfall Nightstand

On a trip to the thrift store a couple of weeks ago, I scored three tables.  Great find since my stock of small end tables/coffee tables/nightstands was just about wiped out!

I rehabbed one of the coffee tables last week, then moved on to this waterfall nightstand -

After lightly sanding and some tightening, it was ready for paint.  I used a chalk paint that I hadn't used before - Americana Decor.  Painted the body of the nightstand in "Vintage" and the drawer in "Primitive."  I was happy with the coverage of the paint - used two coats but then I usually do.

After distressing, I used Americana Decor's Creme Wax for a finish coat.  I was surprised when I opened the can as it is a more liquid wax than other finishing waxes I've used.  It dried in a few minutes and once buffed out gave me the soft, smooth finish I was looking for.  Then I used APC's dark wax to add some age.

I love the original hardware on this piece so I cleaned it up a bit and used some bronzing powder mixed with glazing medium to bring back some of the color.  The handle has a Bakelite insert, which shows up much better now.

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