Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Drawer Without a Desk

Several months ago when I was just getting back into rehabbing furniture after putting my hobby on hold for many years, I found an office desk curbside.  It was big and it was free!  It barely fit into the back of my SUV but I just knew I could give it a second life.  So... it sat in my warehouse (living room) for months while I worked on other projects and tried to ignore the elephant in the room.

I just couldn't wrap my brain around what to do with it.  Finally, I decided that even though it was a good, solid wood office desk that it was nothing special and that it just didn't make sense to spend any time or money to rehab it, as big office desks just don't seem to be a marketable piece anymore.

So.... I enlisted the help of my assistant (boyfriend) and we cut it up.  I now have two separate 3-drawer units that I do plan to rehab.  I also kept the large middle drawer, which I also have plans for.

I liked that the middle drawer had the wooden holder for pencils, clips, etc., the original manufacturing tag (Jasper Office Furniture, 1952) on the back and manufacturing stamp on the inside of the drawer.  I intend to preserve all of this and will have the up-cycled drawer to show you within the next few days.

Here's the "before" of the drawer and some of the details that I liked:

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