Friday, August 2, 2013

Smith Corona is MIA

Even though typewriters; i.e., Smith Corona & Remington, are a thing of the past, the stands they sat on can still be found and are actually very useful!  I found this typewriter stand at one of my favorite places - the cellar at an estate sale.

 There's no telling how long she had been exiled but thankfully she was still in one piece.  Though she was very sad and quite rusted, I knew she had possibilities.

Here she is after being cleaned and (mostly) de-rusted.  She was painted with Rustoleum Fern, then antiqued with craft paint in Iron Oxide.  The veneer was lifted a little on the top but just needed a little glue to reattach it, then the top & two drop-down leafs were stained with Minwax Jacobean.  Last, a couple of coats of Satin Polycrylic for protection.

The casters on the legs are original and I like the rust on them so much that I decided to just wipe down the wheels with soap & water, then put a sealer on the rusted metal to preserve the look. 

This is a very sturdy (it could hold a Smith Corona again) & portable small table and I have to say that I LOVE it!  The industrial look of it combined with how versatile it is make this one a keeper (for now).

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