Saturday, August 3, 2013


As you may have noticed, Ode to Grace is dedicated to my maternal grandmother.  Though she's been gone several years now, I have some pieces of her furniture in my home and a blog dedicated to her wouldn't be complete without mentioning Frankoma Pottery.

My grandmother was born & raised in Oklahoma - where the Frankoma factory was located.  They are still in business though much has changed & production has been moved to Texas. She used to buy pieces for 10 cents at the "junk" stores and gave me her collection before she passed away.  I still have those pieces and have added to the collection considerably over the years.  I used to buy it whenever I saw it (which wasn't too often in New England) at antique shops or flea markets.  As my collection grew, I knew I needed to be more discriminating so now try to add only those pieces made from Ada clay 1933-1954.

A couple of years ago, Martha Stewart featured Frankoma Pottery and my initial reaction was, "Oh, no it will be even harder to find!"  That did seem to be the case for a while but since I would describe it as more "general use" pottery rather than "fine" pottery, the market returned to normal.

I'm still working on my staging skills but on occasion I'll show a piece of Frankoma Pottery along with the upcycled furniture.

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